Influenza Virus

Research Center 1 for Influenza Virus
Organism: Influenza Virus
Isolate/strain: Hemagglutinin segments
Influenza A isolates
A select number of avian and other non-human influenza strains
Genomic sequence status: Sequencing is still on going
Center’s web site:
Sequence data has not been released yet
Sequencing project start date: unknown
Sequencing Center: TIGR
Contacts at the sequence center:
Related web link: None
Assembly status: Unknown
Computational annotation status: None
Manual curation status: Unknown
Research Center 2 for Influenza Virus
Organism: Influenza Virus
Isolate/strain: Influenza A
Influenza B
Influenza C
Genomic sequence status: Still ongoing
Center’s web site:
ISD database now holds all influenza A, B and C sequences that have been published in GenBank and unpublished sequences
Sequencing project started in 1998
Sequencing Center: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Contacts at the sequence center: Catherine Macken at
Related web link:
Assembly status: Unknown
Trace files:
Computational annotation status: Research center: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Annotation status:
The Influenza Sequence Database (ISD) contains all influenza nucleotide records from GenBank.
The ISD also contains a protein record containing the translation of every non-redundant nucleotide record
All of the nucleotide and protein entries in the ISD database have been pre-aligned.
Manual curation status: Unknown
Other useful site for Influenza Virus
Influenza A virus genome and Influenza B virus genome are available in NCBI site. Search NCBI Entrez site and the following records related to Influenza virus have been displayed:
4339 records in Nucleotide sequence database (GenBank).
4674 records in Protein sequence database.
14 records in Genome database