Safety and quality concerns regarding male enhancement products.


Safety concerns regarding the freely available and over the counter sold male enhancement products is on a rise. Online selling of such products around the world has also increased health risks to the general public.

Neverthless, the use of herbal ayurvedic and unani medicines is concidred as a completely safe option for treating various heath conditions specially sexual problems of men. The safety of herbal and natural products is a great concern since adulteration and mixing of allopathic drugs in the formulation of these male enhancement products is on a rise like never before. Such non FDA approved products are widely distributed through local networks as well as through online selling.

These sex pills and male enhancement products can contain overdosages of the sildenafil citrate and tadalafil and cause some serious side effects. For regulatory bodies it is almost impossible to track down these products effectively. These products keep the consumer in the dark and none of the actual ingredients of the product are labelled over the product. The person taking these medications has no idea if it is safe for him or not. Someone allergic to any of these ingredients can have life threatening side effects.

In recent times FDA has circulated several circulars describing which are the safe male enhancement products and which are suspecious. Specially in India, the situation is worse. India is sending thousands of packets of such products sold through ebay and amazon to the United States each year. Male enhancement, commonly known as penis enlargement in India is a flourising business. There are a handful of authentic ayurvedic penis enlargement medicines but most of the products sold are either fraudulent or unapproved by the competent authorities.

The NCBI presented a case of a person with bipolar disorder who became victim to these male enhancement products causing serious lefe threatening consequences. You can read the full report at the below mentioned source url.